„Stepped On My J’s”

Jak sie czuliscie kiedy Wam ktos podeptal nowe Jordany? ;D

"We used to ditch school and head straight up to the mall
Just so we can be the first ones with em on
Returned to school by lunchtime, like "Nigga what now? "
And today we in the club like, "Nigga, what now? "
Ya better look down
Cause Uh
I know you see em…"

Them Carolina # 9’s Matching patten Leather wrist band, Patten Leather #11’s…
We call em 'Space Jams’…
You in my Space, man
I’ll Make you jump, man
I’ll make you Jump, Jump, Jump Jumpman…
See on my weekends…
My Jay’s play a part…"


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