Adam Silver: We’d love to find a way to play more games in Europe and other places in the world

I have a question about regular-season games in Europe. Is there any specific reason why those games have been played in one-, not two-game format? Since the teams are already there, since the time shift adjustment had been made, wouldn’t it be more beneficial and obviously profitable for both NBA and European partners to have two games within 48 hours?

ADAM SILVER: It’s a really interesting question. It’s something we look at all the time.
We have such a dense schedule playing 82 regular-season games, that even just playing one game over in Europe, to adjust for the time, adjust for the travel, adjust for a bit of jet lag when they get back, that it already causes a ripple effect in the schedule to do that.

One of the things we’re going to begin looking at, just as our business is changing, as we have a larger global audience, is how we should potentially be rethinking the regular-season schedule. We added a play-in tournament in the middle of the pandemic. We’re looking at midseason or in-season tournaments now.

We’d love to find a way as the popularity grows to maybe create windows in our schedule where teams can play more games whether it be in Europe or the Middle East or South America, you name it, in other places in the world. We recognize the interest is there, and particularly given the length of our regular season, it may create opportunities to play more games.
It’s really a constraint of the schedule more than anything else now because I know our teams would — especially given that they’re making the trip already, would just as soon play twice.

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